Shubha Khote Biography

Shubha  Khote biography
Shubha Khote

She is a busy person, goes out for shooting early and returning late at night. Appointments are hard to get and sometimes they are cancelled. But Shobha Khote is such a friendly person that when you finally meet up, her apologies are so sincere that you forgot how difficult it was to access her.

It was only natural that Shobha Khote strayed into show business. Her father, Nandu Khote, was a star on stage and in the silent movies. Durga Khote, a famous movie personality of the yesteryear, was her aunt. The huge family home at Bombay’s Chowpatty was always full of guests.

"I had a happy, carefree childhood," she says. "Ours was a big, joint family and most of my cousins were boys. I used to play with them, run around, climb trees and was an acknowledged tomboy." She studied at St Teresa’s Convent, Girgaum, and graduated in English Literature from Wilson College.

Life in college was quite exciting to Khote and her brother Viju, another well-known stage, TV and screen actor. She took to swimming and cycling, excelled in both games and set up a new record for the one mile in cycling.

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